Plus de six ans de CUP … Mon avis

6 ans que j’utilise la CUP pour mes règles. Avec ses avantages, ses inconvénients, son apprentissage…

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#repost @weronika.salach ・・・ The NEW MOON, the Crone archetype. Menstruation. . Last year I stopped using tampons and pads and I switched to a MENSTRUAL CUP. There are plenty of brands there, the Moon Cup, Diva Cup, Selena Cup, to name just a few. . To me it's the most hygienic and sustainable way. The risk of infection is minimized, the material is thoroughly tested (silicone), and the cup works with our female bodies and not against it. . In the US the majority use this alternative, it's more known than here in Europe.! . I SAVED tons of waste, and I'm really proud of it. For very mild bleeding I'm using washable pads, which are super comfy and do the job very well. . Things to mention: it took me a while to learn how to insert it and take it out (2 cycles), but now it's peanuts. Also, I do need a bathroom with a washbasin inside, so it's sometimes a problem. However, last month I've managed at the airport, so there's progress! 😊 . What's your experience? Can I answer any of your questions? . . . . . . . . #menstruationmatters #witchwoman #menstrualhealth #reusablemenstrualpads #moonillustration #moonlove #whimsicalart #paganwitch #divinefeminine #selenacup #divacup #sacredfeminine #awakenedwomen #paganwoman #menstruationstasse #moonart #menstrualcups #greenwitch #eclecticwitch #menstrualcycle #menstruation #menstrualcup #mooncup #zerowaste

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J’ai déjà écrit dessus, et je trouvais que les articles hygiène féminine ont tout à fait leur place sur ce blog également, mais je ne souhaite pas faire de doublon.

Donc si tu connais ce blog là mais que tu ne connais pas celui sur lequel j’ai écrit cet article…

L’article est juste ici, sur le blog principal !

Source : Plus de six ans de CUP … Mon avis

Et toi, tu es une cuppeuse? Tu souhaites t’y mettre? Tu n’aimes pas ça? Dis-moi tout!

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